FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup 2018: North Korea Defeats The United States To Earn Their First Victory

North Korea achieved their first victory in the Women’s World Cup. They have managed to defeat the United States with 3-0 in an encounter of Group C at Uruguay, Colonia Del Sacramento at Estadio Profesor Alberto Suppici.

Even in the wet conditions,North Korea is known had kept on scoring all 3 goals from the situations of these-piece. The American coach, Mark Carr would definitely have to work with the cars in order to counter the set-piece conditions prior to facing Germany in asubsequent encounter.

The country has started with Choe Kum-OK brightly. She was able to force a save from Angelina Anderson. Nonetheless, Stars and Striped have been fortunate since Ko Kyung-Hui did not use the free ball. After a corner, the Americans didn’t clear the ball. This had resulted in a goal-mouth melee. After this, Ri Kum-Hyang received the ballon her path. Then it struck the right corner after diving Angelina Anderson for putting the defending Champions in place of 1-0.

North Korea was probing the American goal on a constant basis. They did this with another long-range effort taken by Ko Jyong-Hui. A close post header from Kim Yun-Ok swooped inside thegoal post for putting North Korea in a position of 2-0 before the following corner. North Korea was able to secure another corner in the second half. This was a strong strike by Kim Kyong-Yong had won the game due to the defending Champions since Sunshine Fonters failed to clear the ball.North Korea has the chance to add a fourth when Kim Ryu-Song has passed on the sliding challenge from the player Michela Agresti. Nonetheless, the goalkeeper of United States Angelina Anderson had thwarted her ultimate effort in the game.