Son Heung-Min Names Park Ji-Sung As His Childhood Idol

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min has named Park Ji-sung as the player he followed during the early stage of his professional career. The ex-Manchester United midfielder remains a source of inspiration for youngsters learning the game in South Korea, and Son is hoping to have a similar impact with Spurs.

In an interview covered by ESPN, the 25-year-old stressed that he has a long way to go before being compared with Park, but he is hoping to make a similar impression, now that he is in the Premier League, he said: “I can’t compare to Ji. He is a legend and my idol. They are still so proud of him at home. It’s difficult for an Asian to play in the Premier League. It still is. And he was the one who did it first so it was even harder for him. I am still hoping to play like him and bring fans like him and have an impact like him but I am not there yet.” Continue reading “Son Heung-Min Names Park Ji-Sung As His Childhood Idol”

Andersen Leaves Role As National Team Manager

Jorn Andersen left his role as the North Korea national team manager as he was left with little choice to do. North Korea was able to qualify for the Asian Cup finals after a successful with Hong Kong in the recent match. Immediately after the game, Jorn Andersen announced that he was stepping down from his role as he has achieved all of his objectives. However, a string of economic sanctions imposed by several nations on North Korea has prevented him from extending his stay with the communist country.

The Norwegian came to the North Korea national team in May 2016 and his contract came to an end on Saturday. However, he was able to extend his goodwill by helping North Korea reached the Asian Cup finals. The economic sanctions were quite hard when it comes to sports. Continue reading “Andersen Leaves Role As National Team Manager”