Sunderland Fans Club Starts Promotion in North Korea

Sunderland are one of the first clubs trying to become popular in the secretive country of North Korea. The nation has been kept under wraps for several decades, but one of the few connections that North Korea has with the outside world is through football. The North Korean football team has been able to reach the World Cup on two occasions – 1966 and 2010. Even though they are not regarded in a major fashion when it comes to football, the growing desire to improve the economy has led to North Korea coming up with suggestions of opening up.

Sunderland are not officially promoting themselves in North Korea but a fan club started by Tom Fowdy, who is a Sunderland supporter, has been making inroads in the hermit kingdom.Fowdy is one of the few individuals to have visited North Korea and he claims that the country already has a strong football following, which is visible from the presence of Barcelona and Brazil T-shirts. Sunderland, though, do not have the exotic nature of such teams. Inside, the club has been struggling big-time in the last few years and they are in the League One of English football. Yet, the decision to promote Sunderland in remote parts of the world can have a great implication.
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Under-17 Women’s World Cup: North Korea Defeats USA

North Korea achieved their first victory in the Women’s World Cup. They have managed to defeat the United States with 3-0 in an encounter of Group C at Uruguay, Colonia Del Sacramento at Estadio Profesor Alberto Suppici.

Even in the wet conditions, North Korea is known had kept on scoring all 3 goals from the situations of the set-piece. The American coach, Mark Carr would definitely have to work with the cars in order to counter the set-piece conditions prior to facing Germany in a subsequent encounter. Continue reading “Under-17 Women’s World Cup: North Korea Defeats USA”

Colombians apologise for racist gesture

There was huge controversy recently in the friendly match between South Korea and Colombia when Colombian midfielder Edwin Cardona appeared to make a racist gesture towards a Korean player during the disagreement over a free-kick.

Cardona pulled his face back to make the slant-eye gesture which is offensive to Asians. The incident was captured on film and caused a furore across the game especially among those of Asian origin. Continue reading “Colombians apologise for racist gesture”